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Ozperforms’ Masonry team can offer a range of Remedial Services to help extend the life and value of any existing Masonry structure that is suffering from the effects of age, weather and general dilapidation.

Our Masonry team is often used in conjunction with other trades to provide a complete Façade overhaul and we provide our services to Building Owners, Remedial Building Consultants and existing Remedial Building Service Companies to achieve their desired outcomes. Some of the services that we provide include;

-Flashing repairs/ replacements
-Brick replacement
-Repointing/ Mortar matching
-Crack Stitching/ Crack repairs
-Retrofit Cavity Tie installations
-Cavity inspections
-Lintel/ Arch bar replacements
-Subfloor ventilation
-Minor Spalling repairs

Our experienced team of tradesman will ensure all works undertaken will be carried out safely, to specification and of the highest quality.

Our company provides regular training to our staff to ensure we maintain our impeccable safety record and we maintain a full suite of insurances to ensure all parties protection during our involvement with your project.

If you are considering some upcoming Remedial Masonry Works – please contact us to see how we can help to deliver cost effective and high quality projects for you.